Cleaning Your Paint Booth

From http://www.joyfilters.comIf a paint booth is supposed to keep dust away from my project, why am I still seeing it?

Well the answer to this question may be an easy one. It may seem that the paint booth is not serving its purpose, but that may not be true. Most likely you have a dirty or poorly maintained booth.  Proper cleanup and maintenance is key for creating flawless finishes, and also provides a safe and competent working environment for painting.

The simplest and most important way to prevent dust from entering your booth is to keep all booth doors closed. When you do open the doors to bring in the object that you are spraying, be sure that the booth is on and running in order to draw any airborne contaminants in to the exhaust filters. A high quality air filter will provide high efficiency, and the correct diffusion to prevent inconsistent airflow and turbulence. Use the filters recommended by Standard Tools for your paint booth and routinely replace them. Eventually some overspray could collect on your booth walls, floor and paint surfaces. To prevent this from happening, clean your booth surfaces frequently. Tools that can be used to clean your booth are vacuums and sponge mops. Floors and walls can be pressure washed.

Overspray may also collect on the paint gun and air hose. Make sure to clean the air hoses and paint guns, and replace when necessary. Moisture can also be an issue. This moisture condenses and causes damage to tools and imperfections in your paint job. Standard Tools and Equipment Co. offers Spray Gun Cleaning Solutions and all types of paint gun washers to keep all materials sanitary. A Justrite Oily Waste Can and a Justrite 45 Gallon Safety Can Storage are also available by Tools USA to help with clean up.

Paint booths are generally cleaned the same, but check the maintenance recommendations outlined by the manufacturer of your booth to ensure that you’re following their guidelines. For more information on correctly cleaning your paint booth, please visit

Remember a clean paint booth makes for a perfect paint job!

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