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Paint Booths & Public Health

Many workers are unaware of chemicals that create potential hazards in their work environment, making themselves and others more vulnerable to exposure and injury. The purpose of paint booths is to control the environmental conditions while spraying the paint. Continue reading

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Up, Up and Away

Today, the idea of “up, up and away” defines the costs of materials. We have all been shocked by recent increases in fuel prices, but steel prices have risen more dramatically in the same timeframe. In 18 months, gas prices rose from $2.50 to $3.50 per gallon… a 40% increase. In the same timeframe, steel prices increased by 65%. This increase can be attributed to the rising fuel costs, increasing global demand and negative influences in supplies. One such negative factor was the torrential rains and flooding in Australia that filled coke mines. This coke is deemed the best in the world for smelting the high-tech steel ores used today. Continue reading

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